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*******This product is for a one time 4 week purchase. 

Purchasing training for extended periods (4 weeks or more of time)lowers the cost subsequently and is recommended for best results. 

What are your goals? Gain weight? Lose weight? improve mental health with fitness? 

This can all be done with proper planning, training, diet, and accountability coaching. 

- The training and coaching package includes

Full fitness plan customised to the clients schedule, and needs. 

Full diet plan customised to the goals and preferences of the client.

Most importantly it provides the value of online coaching and daily communication to insure your goals are met. 

Training plan 
We use an online program called Trainerize for this. 
What is trainerize? 

Trainerize is a online program which allows the client easy access to their program, videos on form, scheduling,  and even timers for rest periods in between sets.

Trainerize requires the client to fill out an invite consultation form; from here the trainer can make a customised plan according to any injuries, health concerns, preferences, or goals the client may have. 

All workouts are scheduled in the clients trainerize calendar and can be accessed at anytime by client. 

This is all delivered via trainerize, which can EASILY be accessed via a mobile app downloadable on Google Play or the App Store.

The workouts on the app come with rep scheme, a timer to count rest in-between sets and videos of the exercise to insure the client can see adequate form and learn from there. If the client has any further questions reaching out to the trainer is highly encouraged and would be beneficial for both parties. 

Nutrition plan 


The nutrition plan is delivered through evolution nutrition ( for a full 7 day at a time meal plan with grocery list ) and google sheets for tracking, and accountability check ins. 

What is evolution nutrition? 

Evolution nutrition is an online program which enables clients to have access to a wide variety of different nutrition and diet plans, and a grocery shopping list. 

Evolution nutrition takes the clients BMR ( basal metabolic rate ) and tells the trainer their maintenance level of calories for the body to stay in current state or homeostasis. From here the trainer can customise the plan according to clients needs...

IE: A caloric deficit for losing weight, a caloric surplus for gaining. 

Why do we use google sheets? 

Google sheets is a easily shareable program accessible from mobile or computer, the client will have access to a fully scheduled day by day tracking sheet so they can easily look back and see progress; as well so they can communicate to the trainer if they are feeling hungry, less energetic, or even less motivated. 

This is all delivered by the trainer to the client via online communication 

If the client has any questions the coach will always answer

most importantly the coach will communicate with the client daily to insure they are staying on top of things. 

...If you are ready to make a change, this is the program for you. 

 - figure 1. Scan QR code for quick access to trainers instagram

Please contact  on instagram to get set up with Nuros Training and coaching program